Meet Julia

I have always been driven to empower others’ stories. I have a thirst for learning and a natural curiosity for finding out about people and places, but more than this, I have a real sense of fairness and a drive to ensure everyone has a chance to succeed and find their place in the world, irrespective of background.

My own story involves a journey across a range of pathways and incorporates learning in UK and International school. Here I learned the value of examining my own ideologies and stereotyoes in enabling a deep questioning of the world around me. This fuels my passion to enable and empower others to find their place in the world and is at the heart of my approaches to coaching and supervision. I want to ensure all individuals feel confident in their lives as I know this contributes to a greater sense of wellbeing and ultimately enables learning.

A career in banking revealed a diverse spectrum of lives and society to me and I learned the value of relationships of trust, working in challenging circumstances and developing support for clients in critical personal and professional events. I also discovered my love of teaching in training and devleoping staff, facilitating their learning and professional development.

My world turned on its axis when I became a mum, and I discovered my passion for nurturing children’s learning. This took me down the path of an Open University Degree and a multi-faceted career in education: Mid-day Manager, Nursery Deputy, Teaching Assistant, PGCE Primary, Teacher, Senior Leader, Deputy Head . My leadership specialisms spanned the whole range of subjects and key areas fo whole school development, including Assessment (LA lead), PSHE National Award, CPD, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning and Research Lead. This experience supports all of my work, but particularly in Boundless Learning and Leadership. I am passionately committed to creating positive climates for learning.

During my three headships and my Masters journey, I grounded all my work in research and learning, centred around developing secure and positive relationships, developing emotional literacy and oracy to promote a sense of wellbeing, trust and honesty, This enabled development work around metacognition and also led to my leadership of a Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Schools Network across a group of diverse schools, bringing about creative developement and improvements in Literacy and Language, teaching and learning , Wellbeing, Community and Curriculum.

These leadership experiences inform all of our work across all areas. We learn so much from experience and I love to enable other leaders to create their unique climates for learning.

My learning continued to grow, encompassing a role as facilitator of NPQs, an English SLE and as an Evidence Leader. My experiences of supporting schools across phases enabled my own leadership as well as increasing my understanding of leading across a range of organisations, managing change and organisational development. This supports all areas of Boundless Leadership, Learning and Wellbeing.

Within all of my roles, creativity and the importance of play and stories has prevailed. I am passionate about bringing out people’s sense of purpose and inspiring others. I want to inspire your voice. As my career has progressed in indepencdent leadership with Boundless Learning Ltd, this reflects my passion for empowering learning at all levels. I believe in ensuring every individual has the opportunity to love learning and life, irrespective of background. I am committed to enabling others to look beyond their known horizons to become boundless learners.

As a result, my breadth of experience and collaborations can support you and your organisation beyond the bounds of a single product or offer.

My vision is to inspire your story, learn together with hearts and minds and to enable and empower you to create the world you wish for. I work with individuals, teams, schools and organisation to enable you to enjoy your story, empower key characters and enable an effective and inspirational environment for learning .