Why Boundless?

I’ve been asked a number of times about the company name. Boundless is very much the way I feel about learning. Learning should not be  confined by a building or construct. We learn from the moment we begin life and continue to do so. Every adaptation. we make in our lives is as a result… Continue reading Why Boundless?

Education as the catalyst for social and political renewal #FEDNES

Today we heard from a plethora of Speakers  with clear sense of moral purpose and clarity of understanding that the current system is not working for a large proportion of our learners. This morning Business leaders recognised there is a need for technical skills, attitudes, confidence and emotional agility that our current educational system is not… Continue reading Education as the catalyst for social and political renewal #FEDNES

Building place-based education

A day of looking again, challenging assumptions and consideration of the collective responsibility of community, harnessing technological community and wider governance to build the new landscape for learning- or , more specifically a long term vision for children and families. A cohesive theory of change, or story of change that is founded in the stories… Continue reading Building place-based education

Hello world!

Hello Welcome to our world. We are busy creating and developing exciting learning opportunities. We hope to have this site up and running soon. Please pop back to keep an eye on developments and feel free to add your comments.