Learning at the heart of all Boundless does

With learning at the heart of all Boundless does, working in partnership is crucial to extend our horizons and push our boundaries.

Julia works within a range of partnerships to provide the very best opportunities for clients as well as to challenge her own learning.  Julia is an accredited Resilient Leaders Elements Coach and works in collaboration within their membership. She is also a member of the Association of Coaching.

Group and Team Coaching

She provides 1:1, group and team coaching and organisational development opportunities. These can be tailored to your needs  to support who you are and you personal and professional development, as well as offering a range of options to improve organisational effectiveness and cohesion.

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Julia is very proud to be a member of @Headsup4HTs. This motivational and inspirational group of school leaders, led by James Pope and Katie Smith are committed to ensuring Headteachers support their own wellbeing and have access to free peer support and crisis coaching. Julia is a facilitator for National networks , including the new network for Deputies and Assistant Heads. She is part of their coaching team to support school leaders, providing a range of coaching services, including crisis calls and broader leadership support. She also leads  the group’s  Book Club. 

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Boundless Leadership

Boundless Leadership led a pilot programme to integrate the Ten Big Hopes for Education into school strategic planning. Julia and Sarah Caton from Inspiration for All  developed a programme for Senior Leadership teams that enables schools to align their vision and values to clear and meaningful outcomes. We empower leaders to take charge of what they believe in and prepare their learners for the lives they are and will lead.  This is Boundless Inspiration.

Re-imagine Success with Boundless Inspiration

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Julia works in close collaboration with Jenny Bowers and her company PurpleMoon . Julia and Jenny have found so many shared passions and values. particularly in empowering positive climates for learning. They are developing a range of projects and support each others’ independent coaching and supervision work, as well as wider development and support for schools. We believe effective peer coaching and support is crucial to providing the very best services, as well as nurturing creativity and innovation. We both like Lego too, so watch this space for interesting approaches to creative and deeply enabling coaching adventures. 

Julia and Jenny collaborate as Boundless Purplemoon. See the section under About for further information.

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Boundless Wellbeing

Boundless Wellbeing also works in collaboration with Jo Bradley and Learnful Schools. We are very excited to be working  to support the very best Wellbeing suite of resources for schools. Integral to our vision is to inspire joy in schools and organisations and to create the best climates for learning so that everyone can succeed and we are excited to share some of our work within this community. Julia has shared how therapeutic art can enable within coaching and is developing further projects for Leadership coaching and development, Bibliotherapy within coaching, as well as work with support staff and parents. Contact Julia for more information.

You can find out more about Learnful Schools here

Re-imagine Success with Boundless Inspiration

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