A day of looking again, challenging assumptions and consideration of the collective responsibility of community, harnessing technological community and wider governance to build the new landscape for learning- or , more specifically a long term vision for children and families.

A cohesive theory of change, or story of change that is founded in the stories of our children, their families and the context of their lives is at the heart of all the discussions we have heard. Looking at mindset shift, building relationships and ensuring we develop education and learning WITH young people, with community , not done to.

Leaders at all levels need to work together in the creation of agency and empathy across the community, rooted in empowering our children, enabling them to see the relevance of education, and ensuring their education is relevant for them, as well as ensuring they have all of the holistic considerations that enable them to succeed.

Relationships of trust are the golden thread that weave through all the voices.The power of collaboration, listening to the wisdom of children and inspiring joy, addressing and acknowledging limiting factors to challenge inequalities and build capacity for change through cohesive partnerships and alliances across sectors.

We’re considered isolation, staff confidence and assumptions, resources, political constraints, entrenched perceptions. of social position, education and culture.

The overriding theme has been the collaborative power of alliances to enable real change and take action to inspire our young people and make real and sustainable change to support families, and ensure hopeful futures for ALL of our children, irrespective of background, location and income.

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