unlimited or immense.



abstract noun

the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.


My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, for both are infinite.

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet



When I was invited, or challenged , to start my own company, finding the right name was equally challenging.

There was a pressing need for it to echo what it meant to me to work aligned to my own values and purpose .


Enthusiasm for learning runs through me like a life force, whether it’s developing my own, or inspiring and enabling learning for others. It’s fitting, then, that our friend Shakey reminded me about the beauty of a boundless sea, and boundless love. A boundless love of learning that empowers and enables self and others is absolutely what drives my purpose .

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of those explorers whose curiosity and courage took them beyond the boundaries of their own horizons. What must have been driving them and their purpose to find out more? Adventure, a desire to know, a need to find out more about this world we live in, and in doing so, understand ourselves and others more to make a positive difference ? This is certainly what I’d love to inspire in those I work with, and what ultimately I’d love for the children and future generations we serve. What I’m now reflecting on is what this means in terms of my own approaches to Boundless opportunity and for how I live my values.


My core value is love. It goes hand in hand with learning. If we lead with love and stay open to reflective learning, then imagine the worlds we can create in purposeful being. Ultimately this brings more fulfilment .


When asked about the legacy I created in the world as a school leader, I know the children I have worked with know they are loved, and I hope they take the love of life through their own learning journeys. At the very least I know they all carry the knowledge of a glimmer- moments of joy and laughter we shared in the discovery of new ideas, forging of connection and making sense of the world and themselves. This is ultimately what lies  at the core of my Boundless purpose . What matters to me is enabling, empowering the creation of  purpose through reflective and joyful learning experience, whether that is through facilitated sessions, coaching, supervision or collaborative projects and writing . It’s something that matters to me for life, not just work, and beats at the heart of connection with others. What can we create in our connection? Ultimately this curiosity can power more joy.

Joy isn’t fluffy . Finding a way to play, to wonder and to engage is crucial in creating the conditions for deep learning and enable insights and meaningful connection .We can experience joy even in the midst of challenging circumstances with true connected experience, being seen and heard. In fact, enabling versatility in hopeful enquiry to drive optimistic action is key to leadership and what I offer to those I work and learn with .

Boundless learning is more than a name- it’s a way of being.

Creating a logo to represent this was so crucial. To me it’s more than creating a snazzy marketing symbol. It has always been about representing how I show up- playful, authentic and open to growth. Consciously living  my values is important to me.

Being Boundless is founded in a love of stories- the book. In sharing them we create new pages, powered by love- the heart, and focus on inspiring growth, in ourselves and others, ideas and actions- the plant and flowers. The horizon reminds us of the courageous curiosity of those explorers. Enabling growth beyond  known horizons or perceived limits is my purpose, and the sun signifies joy and playful curiosity , the energy and fuel needed to inspire and drive purpose.

The butterflies encapsulate  emergence from liminality, signifying transformation and strength. Butterflies only emerge from the chrysalis when their wings are strong enough to fly. The caterpillar has to disintegrate and work through a messy soup to transform, and it takes time.


Sometimes our stories are messy, but through love, learning and playful curiosity , or Boundless learning, eventually your wings will be strong enough to fly beyond your known or perceived horizons.


Here’s what lies in my storybook- my gifts to inspire your story .


enable   self awareness and awareness of others through deep connection and love.

empower clarity of direction and purpose, clear sense of self and intention.

Create more joy in all you are and do. In creating the conditions for boundless learning , compassionate curiosity and creative challenge, you create versatile decisions and inspire your story , strengthening your wings to fly beyond your known horizons.

I had to have a go at a Lego version!

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