Ever been asked who you are and answer with what you do? Navigating Boundless horizons.

  I was a Headteacher .. I was  a midday manager .. a teaching assistant and a very committed teacher . I also stacked shelves at Wilkos.. and worked in banking.. and in the deep dark past I worked in a greengrocer’s and florist’s . I’m now Boundless- I’m a consultant , a coach and an… Continue reading Ever been asked who you are and answer with what you do? Navigating Boundless horizons.

Boundless: Serious not fluffy playful curiosity.

My foundational purpose as an educator has been ensuring that emotional intelligence( EQ) and emotional literacy is embedded at the heart of everything and leading learning, so that effective cognition is facilitated, thus deep and connected  learning develops,  and that the whole ethos of a school , or classroom, is focused on balancing secure sense… Continue reading Boundless: Serious not fluffy playful curiosity.

Removing the boundaries, Boundless horizons.

The clear bead at the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now. I’ve heard it said there’s a window that opens from one mind to another, but if there’s no wall, there’s no need for fitting the window, or the latch. RUMI  This poem arrived on the last day of a… Continue reading Removing the boundaries, Boundless horizons.


Do you sometimes feel a strange sense of disconnect, or the merging of the self with the role you live? As an educator I know only too well how living for the holidays can feel and the disappointment of an illness kicking in when we finally get there. How about we consider the value of… Continue reading Connections

Coaching and Development packages

We offer a range of options. Supervision for Schools. Julia works with individuals and teams to integrate Supervision within planning support packages for staff. Supervision leaflet Boundless Wellbeing   We offer a range of coaching packages that include access to the Resilient Leaders Elements online coaching challenges and profile. These include: Enable for individuals to… Continue reading Coaching and Development packages

Creative connections

For so long I have pondered the question of what it is that drives me – I’m passionate about inspiring others to succeed. However, I have a broad range of skills. I’ve always been this way. never one for just exploring one path. I guess this is what took me down a multi-disciplinary degree route.… Continue reading Creative connections


I’ve had a few coaching conversations over the last few days about purpose, exploring and unravelling pathways. It’s something I revisit regularly, consider what moves me, what drives me and if how I am living aligns with my values and sense of purpose. I wonder if, after the demands of surviving through the mire of… Continue reading Why?