Creative connections

For so long I have pondered the question of what it is that drives me – I’m passionate about inspiring others to succeed. However, I have a broad range of skills. I’ve always been this way. never one for just exploring one path. I guess this is what took me down a multi-disciplinary degree route.… Continue reading Creative connections


  Today I am taking a trip to London. It’s my first trip on a train for a long time and I’ll admit, although I’m excited, I’m also apprehensive. Meanwhile,  it’s end of term where I live, and even though I’m not in school as a headteacher any more, the children and staff I have… Continue reading Journeying

All the world’s our stage-let’s play!

    From our very early beginnings we learn to make sense of our world through play and exploration. We mimic and re rehearse the everyday situations we encounter, and revisit our favourite stones in imaginary games, casting ourselves in various roles . It is from these early experiences our brain develops connections, frames of… Continue reading All the world’s our stage-let’s play!