I started to write about transformation being the starting point for Boundless Learning, then scribbled that out, because I realised I’d always been Boundless Learning -it’s just now that i am ready to share it widely, and my own horizons are expanding.

I am fortunate to be working with passion and purpose to inspire learning and leadership in a range of diverse contexts, and to be  enabling the creation of positive climates for learning.

Every life experience is a lesson, every encounter brings us teachers along our path. Mine has been varied, and at times, painful, but the flame and passion for nurturing, inspiring joy and curiosity and for making meaning, creating moments of sheer wonder has never been far from my heart.

Sometimes the light dims. We encounter huge challenges like cavernous chambers of doom, but deep inside glows light in the crevices. I’ve always been committed to inspiring that light to shine, The light in a child’s eyes when they realise they can do something for the first time never ceases to light me up and this drives my commitment to enabling a world that is relentless in this quest.

As we follow the glimmers of light in the crevices, we encounter worlds beyond our imaginings, beyond our known selves. How would it be if we enabled this in our learners, our staff and ourselves to learn about the world with renewed vision, fresh eyes and replenish our outlooks ?

My drive is to enable others to discover their own crevices of light, to use the gleaming threads of their understanding to create a world of possibilities, building resilience in times of challenge with moments of wonder and hope, finding a beautiful shell in the midst of rocky sand.

I discovered a passion for making a positive difference to the lives of children many years ago. I set out on a crusade to inspire, to champion them, and to make sure every child knew the world was theirs, they are in it and of it, and as such, valued. I continue to champion this within the contexts I work.

There are times when we don’t always get it right. However, when we work with the intention of making a difference, working tirelessly to engage, to find a way into the stoniest exteriors, we can negotiate the stumbles along the way together. Enabling others to find their path and create the conditions for their fulfilment and growth has become a mission for me. I am passionate about every child and every adult believing in themselves, feeling accepted into the world of learning and being inspired to find their purpose.

I discovered my passion and purpose for teaching, for facilitating learning.

To summarise it as teaching would be limiting. Building relationships, discovering the wonders of the world together, nurturing hearts, inspiring minds, facing challenge and frustrations and sharing joy. Learning, living and discovering the world would be more apt, and I have always been passionate that no-one should be excluded.

Becoming a leader was a natural evolution. I cared, I wanted to make a difference to more lives. I cared as much about the staff I worked with as the children, and I am passionate about empowering educators to explore their possibilities, living true to their values and creating communities where dreams, hopes and opportunities prevail.

This led me to Boundless.  Learning is not limited to one institution, it extends beyond boundaries.

I am committed to enabling discovery, improving lives and inspiring hearts and minds.

This encompasses all areas of education and beyond, and as such, Boundless is multi-faceted. It continues to grow and evolve and enables you in your journey. As a passionate learner and a values-led leader, I work to empower you; integrate key learning, make cohesive connections and create inspirational climates for learning.

We lead, learn, love, create and express – hence

Boundless Learning





Now Boundless Inspiration is born..more to come in relation to this fabulous collaboration soon.

I can’t wait to share in your story.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if  you’d like to connect or know more.

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