I’m engaging in some learning of my own at the moment. I’m at another stage of evolution in this Boundless adventure, and reflecting on some of my amber and red lights, in the words of Matthew McConaughey. It’s taken me back to some words I wrote a little while ago about play…

Sometimes, and certainly in my lifetime, playfulness can be derided or devalued, unless we’re under 7. There seems to be a view that growing up, getting to the next stage and achieving belongs to serious thought and gravity.  When we grow up, the importance of play is reserved for stolen moments, or unexpected joys-even some of our past times are rooted in measures and personal bests, or seeking improvement.

Meanwhile, in the world of work, Professionalism, the serious business of busyness, productivity and effectiveness grow in value…or do they? Where is the value in a great strategic plan?

Innovation, opportunity and adaptability-all facets of playing with ideas, exploring options and creating new meaning and growth.

In order to create we need to play, to make space to be curious, to explore what is and what might be.

In playing we see the joy in connection, we feel it when we collaborate and in those light bulb moments of inspiration when a new thought or idea sparks into life and our playful connection gives it form and voice.

Underpinning everything is the ability to meet ourselves where we are and consider the possibilities, create space and time to explore, to review and consider our choices.

Play is a serious business, it breathes life into our plans. Curiosity brings with it the determination and flexibility to ask why and how, and inspires us to bring those plans into fruition.

Joyful moments, let’s make more of them- playful curiosity takes our ideas and builds the foundation for us to flourish. Creating joy , enabling thinking and learning, and inspiring others to make a positive difference is my purpose. Exploring identity and your why, what and how through creative exploration drives my work, because I want to inspire joy in the world for every day, not just the holidays!

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