As we near the end of the year and a time when families and friends come together where they can to share love and togetherness , I’m moved to share a few words.

I have been driven to learn as long as I can remember. I seek to make sense, connections and formulate ideas. I may have opinions or reactions, but before I take action, I consider perspectives, including my own, but mainly about the impact of actions.

This is intrinsically linked to my core values of love, joy and compassionate curiosity.

During the collective trauma of living through Covid and all that entailed, at varying degrees and levels, I was hopeful we had all realised the value of living with the intention of love, rather than being driven by fear, or hate.

This has become so much of what drives me. If we act with the intention of love , even when we face challenges, or have to draw boundaries, then this can support acting with integrity, commitment to making the world a better place.

If there was a Christmas wish for everyone, it would be simply to hold on to the intention of love in all you do.

Much love x

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