There is a constant voice speaking to me about transformation, about connection and about refueling.

My mantra for this year is playful curiosity. To me, this was about growing into my role, about exploration of possibility, but also in terms of the versatility of my leadership journey.

I was reminded of my key values, and what I’ve always believed in in terms of learning, that playing, discussing, interacting and making sense of experience enable learning. There is something about finding authentic voice, and being myself that calls me now.

I know that surviving is not enough. To thrive we need to connect with self, values and others, to develop a higher sense of purpose and to be determined about it. I know we learn best when we are emotionally safe, nurtured, physically connected and aligned to our values. As such, that is how I show up, how I work with everyone I encounter, and how I determine my direction for the programmes I offer.

They’re not fluffy, they are rooted in awareness and presence, so they are deeply aligned to you, your authentic identity, and they are designed to enable you to reflect on your sense of direction, what matters to you, and what your gift is to the world. We focus on how this supports  clarity purpose and how this enables you to thrive, how intentional purpose can enable you, and continue to support you in the face of uncertainty.

I believe in the power of creative thinking, in playing with ideas and stimulating thinking through talk and owning your voice, so the ways I work are through playful exploration, leading with love, joy and compassion to encourage you to make bold decisions.

When asked what I’m about today, I had a crystallization moment:

Here’s my personal pitch

I’m about active learning through play. I believe in it for everyone. Playful curiosity enables creative thinking, reflection and versatility. Enactive enquiry, where we physically feel, emotionally connect, lead with our values and instincts and articulate our thinking is truly joined up learning, and offers alignment.

I want to inspire others to live a life well-lived :

To thrive and flourish,

To enable emotional resilience and connection with self, others and the world,

To inspire their learning and awareness, connecting with identity and their strengths

To understand what drives them and what they stand for,

And empower their capacity and drive to bring their passions to life and make a difference to their world.

For most of my life I’ve been a thinker, leading with reflection and learning, with a thirst for curiosity and enabling learning at my core.

My own learning has centred around how we learn , how we connect cognitively and emotionally and how we express this. More recently, I’ve developed more understanding in relation to how our beliefs and values and how physical connection and embodiment of this supports our potential to understand the world, thrive and express our whole selves.

As a leader, I’ve always been passionate about making the world a better place for the next generation. I’ve not always had an easy ride, and have met significant challenges along the way, encompassing financial, emotional pressures  and I’ve faced prejudice and injustice. However, my experiences have only strengthened my belief that a world led by love, compassionate curiosity and connection are essential for creating the conditions for people to thrive.

My work enables connection of the head, heart, mind and body in interaction and playful inquiry, using lived experience. It is effective in enabling emotional literacy, supporting psychological safety and enabling learning on all levels; personal, interpersonal and societal.

I want to inspire connection circles of playful curiosity and opportunity, where awareness and compassion encourage people to be bold. I want to enable them to light up, open their windows and harness their strengths so they find their voice and own their stories. Let’s build a world where love leads.

I want to expand my heart-centred coaching circles, further develop my brand and share this with a marketing strategy that supports my values and ethos. I want to help and enable others who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

Here’s the model that helped me write this. Feel free to ask me about it.

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