This week has certainly not followed the direction I set in my diary! There was a time this would stress me out, or make me anxious.

Now? I see an opportunity in the midst of the challenge.

First of all, I acknowledged the emotions that register when something derails my plans. What needs are arising? How can I meet some of them, and what can be done about any unmet ones? This week, I parked a few and planned some time in to address them later.

Now, where is the opportunity here? Right in the space where I could see stress oozing, what can I create?

Right now my laptop has gone dark and won’t wake up. Someone is going to help me ,just not right now, so I’m writing that blog I intended to write on Tuesday when my Dad was in hospital. I’m seizing the time.

Leadership can be complex; managing roles, communications and self can be full of variety and challenge, but this morning I set an intention to greet whatever came my way and let it land.

So here I am, reflecting with Self awareness, intentional versatility and remaining purposeful, just on a different platform to the one I expected today. Using the facets of Resilient Leaders Elements I’m reflecting on my strengths, celebrating them and maintaining a healthy approach to the challenges that unfold.

Today, it’s tech issues, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I have my Swiss army knife of Leadership tools to help me adapt and respond to maintain my sense of equilibrium. My eyes are still on my Boundless horizons, my course and purpose set .

If you think working with a creative values-led coach and the Resilient Leaders Elements nought help you navigate your own shores, give one a call of contact me:

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