The future is Boundless

I started to write about transformation being the starting point for Boundless Learning, then scribbled that out, because I realised I’d always been Boundless Learning -it’s just now that i am ready to share it widely, and my own horizons are expanding. I am fortunate to be working with passion and purpose to inspire learning… Continue reading The future is Boundless

Creative connections

For so long I have pondered the question of what it is that drives me – I’m passionate about inspiring others to succeed. However, I have a broad range of skills. I’ve always been this way. never one for just exploring one path. I guess this is what took me down a multi-disciplinary degree route.… Continue reading Creative connections


Today I am taking a trip to London. It’s my first trip on a train for a long time and I’ll admit, although I’m excited, I’m also apprehensive. Meanwhile,  it’s end of term where I live, and even though I’m not in school as a headteacher any more, the children and staff I have worked… Continue reading Journeying

The stuff of legends

Last week, I led a session where I asked, ‘What has inspired you this week?” This was at the start of a journey of discovery with an amazing group of people and their comments were inspirational nuggets of hopes in story form. I always find I  return to the importance of stories, the intertwined events… Continue reading The stuff of legends


I’ve had a few coaching conversations over the last few days about purpose, exploring and unravelling pathways. It’s something I revisit regularly, consider what moves me, what drives me and if how I am living aligns with my values and sense of purpose. I wonder if, after the demands of surviving through the mire of… Continue reading Why?

Behave? I always behave…

I’m not going to lie, I sometimes worry about what I write because I don’t feel as wise as some people who I view as experts, but sometimes things burn away inside, and it’s time to stand up and enter the arena.I’m calling out on my own vulnerabilities. I believe Sir John Jones calls called… Continue reading Behave? I always behave…