I’ve had a few coaching conversations over the last few days about purpose, exploring and unravelling pathways. It’s something I revisit regularly, consider what moves me, what drives me and if how I am living aligns with my values and sense of purpose. I wonder if, after the demands of surviving through the mire of… Continue reading Why?

Behave? I always behave…

I’m not going to lie, I sometimes worry about what I write because I don’t feel as wise as some people who I view as experts, but sometimes things burn away inside, and it’s time to stand up and enter the arena.I’m calling out on my own vulnerabilities. I believe Sir John Jones calls called… Continue reading Behave? I always behave…

Change the plot

I mentioned yesterday that I started to write a book, then my world changed and the story flipped. So that story lies waiting for me, not to rebuild it, but to create a new pathway for it – to meet new characters in the form of narratives that have touched my life, and my learning,… Continue reading Change the plot

Why Boundless?

I’ve been asked a number of times about the company name. Boundless is very much the way I feel about learning. Learning should not be  confined by a building or construct. We learn from the moment we begin life and continue to do so. Every adaptation. we make in our lives is as a result… Continue reading Why Boundless?

Education as the catalyst for social and political renewal #FEDNES

Today we heard from a plethora of Speakers  with clear sense of moral purpose and clarity of understanding that the current system is not working for a large proportion of our learners. This morning Business leaders recognised there is a need for technical skills, attitudes, confidence and emotional agility that our current educational system is not… Continue reading Education as the catalyst for social and political renewal #FEDNES

Building place-based education

A day of looking again, challenging assumptions and consideration of the collective responsibility of community, harnessing technological community and wider governance to build the new landscape for learning- or , more specifically a long term vision for children and families. A cohesive theory of change, or story of change that is founded in the stories… Continue reading Building place-based education